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  1. Technical
    I bought some after market turn signals to fit the style of my Honda CB 360 a little better. I hooked them up to the bike and they light up but they won't flash. The strange thing is that if I just have one of the stock turn signals hooked up on either the front or rear, the flasher relay works...
  2. Technical
    I am wiring my first motorcycle. My diagram shows using Motogadget M-unit, M-button. I have Rick's Reg/Rectifier with 20amp fuse and Pamco Ignition Plan to use the 8 cell Antigravity battery. This diagram is modified from Tony at Saturday's Wrench (respect). My photoshop skills are...
  3. Bikes For Sale
    Custom rebuilt Honda 360. Hand-stitched seat, powder coated. Needs electrical work (rotor and stator windings). $1300 OBO. Please email:[email protected]
  4. Technical
    Hey guys and gals! I bought my first cafe racer hope to be project. its a 1986 Honda Transalp. I don't like the look of the dirt bike styles it has so I want it to look like a cb200. It looks like I will have to lower it some how and put a different gas tank on it. Im ok with the look of the...
  5. Technical
    Ok... first time on a forum ever. First time building ripping apart a bike and building it ever... I want to put some firestone deluxe champions on this bad boy, but they only make 3.50-18... the front rim fits a 3.00-18. Firestone doesnt make that wheel in a 3.00. Can i use a 3.50 for the...
1-5 of 5 Results