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  1. Technical
    Hello! I'm new here. I'm 16 and taking on a cafe build as a personal challenge. I have a 1976 Honda CB125s and I'm sure many owners have the same problems of the brakes just not stopping while moving at speed from what I have read on other forums. After about two weeks of fiddling with the...
  2. Technical
    Hi all. Im new to Ive got a 1971 Honda CB125s which I bought with a dodgy aftermarket kickstart lever. That lever has now given up on me and im trying to source something closer to an original Honda part - which is like finding hen's teeth here in Australia. Ive scouted around...
  3. Project Builds
    This is my first build, I am relatively new to all of this so I would love help and input from more experience people on this. I have a 1975 Honda CB125s, I'm going to be turning it into a cafe racer/brat style build. Im wondering what are some of the better sites for getting parts, also what...
1-3 of 3 Results