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  1. CB750, Newbie needs help.

    Project Builds
    Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum so I don't really know if I'm unable to follow forum ethics. Correct me where ever I make any mistakes and I won't be offended at all but appreciate it. Bought a Honda CB750 few days back not even sure about the model yet but it is 1982 as far as I know The...
  2. Honda CB750 Custom by Thirteen And Company

    This raw looking, ready to roll Honda CB750 custom by Thirteen and Company comes right out of a racer’s heart. A Los Angeles based builder of this custom motorcycle, is led by a former racer Kyle Vara. Kyle, who has been around motorcycles since his infancy, grew up to be an accomplished racer...
  3. Hello from Jersey!

    Hi everyone I am new to this site and the cafe racer world. I have been racing motocross forever, but never owned a street legal bike. So, I purchased my first bike a few days ago for $900 (I am 19 and still live at home, my mom is pissed). It is a 1973 Honda CB750 bored and stroked to an 836...
  4. Hello from Sydney

    Just introducing myself in preparation to turn my 1998 CB750 Nighthawk into a dream machine. I've been perusing this site for a while and am solidly impressed with the knowledge base. I'm a Physiotherapist and have a natural curiosity for how things work, so now it's time to learn more on this...
  5. I want to convert a 1980 CB750- advice

    Parts For Sale
    I just got a great deal on a Honda CB750 with less than 12k. Seems like a great bike, starts right up, runs pretty smooth. I want to convert it to a cafe racer style bike. I have zero experience doing this, don't really know how to start. I would like some advice from you all on how to avoid...
  6. The new guy from NY

    Hi everyone I'm new here form Staten Island NY and I'm looking to start a ground up build it will be my first project that involves major fabrication like welding and machining parts (although I probably wont end up machining too many parts) I have built Road racing bikes for the track but that...
  7. First Bike First Build 73 CB750

    Project Builds
    I bought this bike a couple weeks ago and its currently down to nothing but a frame. When I bought it you could tell it leaked oiled and I was told I should do a head gasket form the previous owner. The PO gave me a new gasket set when I bought the bike so I figured it needed to...
  8. Good Deal? Honda CB750

    I was looking at this bike and I am a newbie, so I'd like to get your feedback on this bike and where or not it is a good deal.