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  1. Project Builds
    Looking for reset mounting ideas for the S90, so far an extra long bottom engine mounting bolt in conjunction with the swing arm bolt are up for consideration as fixing points but wondered if anyone knows of a preferred method they'd recommend for an S90
  2. Project Builds
    Hi Bit of a long shot, I’m building S90 café race and wondered if anyone has a pattern for rearsets they’ve maybe had made
  3. Project Builds
    I've been checking out other people's awesome projects for a while now, so I figured I should officially join the forum and post my project bike. It's a 1965 Honda s90 that I bought in Birmingham, AL for $220. It was in pretty rough shape with a good bit of parts missing. I immediately got...
    I'm restoring a Honda S90. The title reads that it is a 1967. From what I have read and what my bike has does not add up. According to information I have found, my bike should have painted fenders, Mine has chrome. My bike has handlebars with a cross bar, from what I have learned, the S90 did...
1-5 of 5 Results