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  1. 74 Honda CB350 Twin

    Hi everyone! So I'm just going to jump right in. I've recently bought a 1970 Honda SL350 K0 that has a 74 Honda CB350 Twin motor. The bike idles great at around 1,100 just sitting in the drive way and on a quick trip around the block. But when you ride it for a longer period of time it starts...
  2. SET OF 5! ~60s/70s Original Paint - Pristine - Condition CAFE RACER GAS TANKS

    Parts For Sale
    SET OF 5! ~60s/70s Original Paint - Pristine - Condition CAFE RACER GAS TANKS. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS First Class Package. All these tanks were removed in the 1970s and kept in garage. No rust - perfect condition. Sealed from dust entering 2. Set of 5 tanks - $1000 ... May...
  3. New: What kind of honda is this?

    Hi Just wondering if anyone could help with the type of Honda motorcycle this is? Please ignore the rider if possible. I am pretty new to motorcycles and cafe racers in general, so any help would be much appreciated as I am starting to piece together my first build. Cheers.
  4. Got a free bike! But is it Cafe Racer worthy?

    Hey guys I just got a free bike and wanted some insight on how a cafe racer conversion may go or look. The bike is a Honda v45 Magna, thats a 750cc. Shaft Driven and liquid cooled. I am having a hard time finding any builds towards cafe racer. Plenty of guys make sick bobbers from these. Can...
  5. Hello from Western Australia - Honda CB125

    Hi All, I'm from Western Australia and this is my Honda 125. It's just had a top end rebuild so it's running better than ever. Cheers.
  6. 78' Honda CB400T: Help Needed

    Project Builds
    Hey all, recently got my hands on a Honda cb400t. I'm completely new to motorcycles, parts, and building. I've come to this forum to get the basics and possibly develop my skills along the way. The bike was in pretty rough shape when i got it and I've just been doing research on parts and...
  7. '74 Honda CB125s Major Problems

    Hello! So I have a pretty big problem here, and I'm at a loss... when I bought my Honda CB125s (1974) it ran great - revved fine, could hit 65ish (pretty good for a almost 45 year old bike). Then it sat for about four months while I turned it into a cafe racer. I took it all apart and cleaned...

    Hey guys! Brand new to the site and I wasn't going to post just yet but i've been saving for a bike and all of a sudden got some CL options for the cb550 that I want. If any could pass on advice on which machine to choose from looking at the post links i'm all ears...
  9. Is this a good project base ?

    Hello there I'm new to the forum and to building café racers. I would like to buy a project bike and found this honda cb750k7. I was wondering if this bike has a good base to work on ?
  10. 1983 Honda CB125 Cafe Racer Build!

    Project Builds
    Hi everyone,first post here. So a brief introduction. Im 19 and have been on my Sinnis (yeah it's Chinese) for over a year now and really enjoy riding and playing about on it. I recently got my hands on this 1983 Honda CB125 frame, tank, swing arm, back wheel, shocks (I know there upside down...
  11. '78 Gl1000 Buffet Racer

    Project Builds
    Hi y'all, figured I'd introduce myself over here. I'm about halfway through a GL1000 project that is both my first motorcycle and first bike build. I've been a car guy for 10+ years and have worked mostly on old Volvos, adding turbos, adapting transmissions, and in general making them way more...
  12. 69 Honda cb450 k2

    Project Builds
    Well after spending some time perusing the site i can tell this is gonna hurt, but new guy on the forum so ill just drop this bar of soap right here and take the inevitable... About to purchase said bike and begin build with my son-im stuck betwixt keeping it original or going with theme and im...
  13. How much grease can you pump into a Honda shaft drive?

    Coming to a close on my '81 CB900C project. It's come a long way as far as restoring it and trying to convert it back to the stock setup (used to have a hard fairing kit). I finally finished working on the vitals, like brakes, suspension, lights, carbs, registration(LOL), tires, fluid changes...
  14. Custom 1998 Honda GL100 Resuscitation

    Project Builds
    Hi everyone, I inherited a friend's custom bike that has been dead for more than 2 years. The original donor bike was a 1998 Honda GL100, which was transformed into this in the course of two years: The original engine was bored-up, and modified with counterfeit parts with poor workmanship, so...
  15. 1975 Honda CB 360 T Oil Coming out of exhaust

    Project Builds
    Hello folks, So i have a 75 Honda cb306T, picked her up last year as a project. Heres a list of what I have done so far to the bike - Cleaned / rejetted carbs - new points, re-did timing to the T - New tank, no rust. New side covers for air box's - New tires / brakes - New diagphrams - New...
  16. cb1000c questions

    just some questions, i have a 1983 cb1000c, from what ive heard its all the same parts from the 750-1100 just different bores, is this true? it would be a godsend to be able to find parts if i can use multiple bikes as the search condition instead of a bike that was only made for 1 year like...
  17. Hello from Jersey!

    Hi everyone I am new to this site and the cafe racer world. I have been racing motocross forever, but never owned a street legal bike. So, I purchased my first bike a few days ago for $900 (I am 19 and still live at home, my mom is pissed). It is a 1973 Honda CB750 bored and stroked to an 836...
  18. CB750 Nighthawk Engine Questions

    Hey, guys! Okay, so I've been around this forum a bit and I've come to realize that your brains are big. Mine is not, but I want to learn. Engines fascinate me. I figured the best way for me to learn might just be for me to get my hands dirty, so here we go. I went on craigslist, and I found a...
  19. Salvage Header 1970 CB450

    Good Evening All, New to as of today. I just picked up a very mint 1970 CB450 and am going to begin tear down shortly. I am planning on a scrambler/brat style (forgive me I'm new, and hope thats not a crime). I will be trying to do this as a reclamation bike, salvaging parts...
  20. 1976 Honda CJ360

    General FAQ's
    I grew up riding dirt bikes and now I'm trying to get into riding motorcycles on the street. That being said, I'm VERY new at this. I recently bought a 1976 Honda CJ360. Are these the same parts as a CB360? My goal is to turn it into a cafe style looking bike. I'm still confused on what parts...