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  1. 1976 Honda CJ360

    General FAQ's
    I grew up riding dirt bikes and now I'm trying to get into riding motorcycles on the street. That being said, I'm VERY new at this. I recently bought a 1976 Honda CJ360. Are these the same parts as a CB360? My goal is to turn it into a cafe style looking bike. I'm still confused on what parts...
  2. 1977 Honda cb750f air filter to carburator connection

    Hi! I'm fairly new to the whole bike thing, so I thought it was a good idea to register here and try to keep up with all the advice. I bought a 1977 Honda cb750f earlier this month and gradually want to change a couple of stuff. This week I noticed 2 of my 4 connections between my air filter...
  3. 1975 cb500t intermittent ignition/firing on left cyl.

    I'm working on a cb500t and am having a few issues with the left cyl only firing when the throttle is applied, or the bike is above 2500 rpm. Picked the bike up with 12k on the clock. Was an okay runner but had an issue with firing on the left cyl. I picked it up pretty cheap so I figured I'd be...
  4. First Build: 72 Honda CL100

    Project Builds
    Working on a 72 CL100 as a daily commuter (about 2 miles) and a bike to take on some backroads to get great photos of places that are hard to get to in a car. Purchased the bike from the first owner and it only has about 4000 miles on it. It was running but in rough shape. here is a list of...
  5. Holy Grail '78 CB 750 Super Sport for sale?

    Sooooo been 5 1/2 years and haven't finished her. everything but the tank is there. Rode her as a Cafe for a few years then wanted to redo her and here she sits. Will have her running as strong as she did before i put her up for sale but what are they fetching? Needs tank and has a cafe seat...
  6. Ideas welcome to build out of an 83 honda v45 interceptor

    Project Builds
    I have a 1983 Honda v45 Interceptor that I am looking to turn into a cafe racer. Any ideas or suggestions on looks or best parts would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Honda CL360: Headlight Upgrade Options?

    Hello CR forum! I had posted a while back with some engine issues, but with those now solved, I'm moving on to other issues with the bike. Riding at night has always been a hand-clenching experience on some of the darker back roads as my old sealed beam just doesn't have the reach. I know...
  8. Custom CB750 Cafe Racer

    Bikes For Sale
    lightly ridden about 300 miles on the rebuild. Has been in a calendar and has won some awards. ?70 Honda CB750 | $6,000 OBO
  9. 1965 Honda s90 rebuild

    Project Builds
    I've been checking out other people's awesome projects for a while now, so I figured I should officially join the forum and post my project bike. It's a 1965 Honda s90 that I bought in Birmingham, AL for $220. It was in pretty rough shape with a good bit of parts missing. I immediately got...
  10. Oil Cooling questions

    Project Builds
    Hey ive got a 1980 honda cb750f ss and im wondering if anyone knows how the bike will function without the air cooler that the previous owner slapped on the front of the frame. I know it won't hurt performance to keep it on, but i'm going for a naked bike kind of build and the cooling system...
  11. 1970 CL100 Cafe Project - Bore Information?

    Yo! Sorry if this is a subject that's been covered already. I'm new to the forum and couldn't seem to find anything. So! I bought a 1970 CL100 back in July from the second owner, who bought it back in 1973. He used it sparingly, but maintained it well until about five years ago,. It has sat...
  12. 73 Honda cb500 bad transmission

    Noob thread So, I've had my 73 cb500 (first bike) for about a year now. Just got my engine running, only to find that the transmission is bad. So after a bit of reading, I learned that the shifting drum is the Achilles heel of my little cb. I also learned that Honda fixed this problem with the...
  13. Gas Tank Fitting for a Complete Novice

    Im the new guy. Not just new to the site, but new to the cafe dream. New to mechanic work, and new to tools that aren't shaping and joining wood. Please forgive me. I received a project bike for Christmas and need some advice and help. Its a 1974 Honda XL350 and runs well. Carb rebuilt and...
  14. front end swap? rear shocks? maybe new carbs? 73 cb500f

    posted once before and since then I've gotten my bike running now time to turn her into a racer. was thinking i wanted to do a more modern sport bike front end swap, but iv read on a few other forums that its real only benefit is cosmetic? the real question about it is what kind of front end...
  15. New member is South Carolina

    Hi all, as my profile states I have almost no experience with motorcycles. I just found a 1981 Honda CB900C, which has been sitting since 1996. $250 bucks (what a steal) and I am going to get this thing running and then I am going to make it a café racer. Here is my initial thought process on...
  16. 1979 KZ1000 ST Cafe FOR SALE

    Bikes For Sale
    Selling my 1979 KZ1000 ST cafe racer. Nothing is wrong with the bike at all. Recently tuned. A lot of new parts and custom work. -new tires -new cafe tail -new tail light and head light -new grips -custom seat -Kerker exhaust -battery and blinker wiring all hidden under tail -totally stripped...
  17. 86 Honda Shadow vt700c Gas Tanks

    Project Builds
    Hello world, I'm working on a little cafe-esque honda shadow project bike, and I'm wondering what kinds of gas tanks I can get away with trying to fit on my bike. The Shadow's frame is a little wonky, so the average tank wont just slide on. I'm not too concerned about mounting hardware as I'm...
  18. Honda CL360: Loud clicking in left side of engine

    Hey guys! 2 days being a member and I already have an issue. As mentioned in the title, the bike is a Honda CL360 Scrambler. First off, I'll start with the known cause of the issue. The past month I caught my fuel lines leaking gas all over the floor of my garage. (That was a fun cleanup...)...
  19. Greetings from Northwest Arkansas! New to the community. Honda CL360.

    Hey all, new to the community, and motorcycles in general. In a nutshell, I'm one of many new guys I'm sure you've seen roll through here. Little to no experience in working on motorcycles, and fairly new to riding them. I picked up my first bike, a Honda CL360 Scrambler about a month ago...
  20. 1984 Honda Shadow Vt700c Cafe Racer

    Project Builds
    Hello fellas, So I have in my possession a 1984 Honda Shadow vt700, I bought it for a engineering project. I'm going to fit it with a mono-shock suspension. I have a good idea how to go about it. I'm looking into a Suzuki Hayabusa shock because that bike is heavier than mine and so with my...