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  1. '82 CB450SC Waste of money?

    Project Builds
    So a friend of mine's mother gave me her 1982 Honda 450 Nighthawk to use as transportation while I was in college. Now I ride a lot of BMW bikes and use this Honda as a fun little project. Problem is I have 3 bikes and a car, so as a renter I feel like I need to sell some stuff... I am in the...
  2. 1982 Honda CB750c custom project!

    Project Builds
    So im brand new to the cafe world.. Literally brand new. I found this bike on craiglist yesterday and the guy was asking $1,000 bucks. I talked him down to $400 dollars. ( He was moving out of state and couldnt take it ) I figured even if I never got the bike moving, worst case scenario I lost...
  3. 1982 VF 750 S V45 Sabre - Project Bike

    Bikes For Sale
    This bike is a 1982 VF 750 S V45 Sabre, which is approx. 90% complete. Also included (if desired) is a 1983 parts bike (not shown, same model) which will not complete the '82, but has a few parts that have been taken over. Also included are several spare parts, such as lights, unpainted gas...
  4. Want to build Cafe Racer with Honda engine...

    Project Builds
    Hey everyone, I've been introduced to Cafe Racing bikes by a friend and decided to build a project bike rather than a project car. I've always ridden Hondas when I rode quads and so I've been wanting to stick with the same name. I've passed by an article Honda unveils new 400cc engine Page -...
  5. Bikes for sale in the Carolinas

    I'm interested in any bikes being sold around the NC/SC area. Mostly interested in older Hondas, but feel free to show me something new. I'm new to motorcycles and am trying to educate myself. I'd love to get a hold of a good 350-550 British bike of some sort, but I'm open to anything 350-550cc...
  6. First project: 1972 Honda CB500-F.

    Hey everyone, this is my first post on the forum, so greetings! I just bought a 1972 Honda CB500-F and hope to have it fully cleaned/rebuilt and turn it into a cafe racer by the end of this summer. This is my first project, so I'm gonna need your help! -Aaron
  7. WTB honda cb200 front break, what ever's compatible or advice for alternative fix?

    This is my first build and first time working on a bike, I bought a running 76 cb200t and plan on making it all cafe, only thing stopping me is the front break. Haven't had a chance to check out the junk yards yet being Memorial Day so I figured I'd ask while I wait. The metal on the top most...
  8. CB450SC carburetor and rejet

    Hello everyone, first time posting here. I have an '86 nighthawk 450 and I am converting it to a cafe bike. I've been riding for quite a few years but this is my first build. I'm hoping someone out there has done a rejet for the carburetors and may be able to give me a starting point. This is...
  9. Callin out CB400T hawk owners and Honda gurus

    hey everyone. I am writing from New Delhi and need info regarding the CB400T '78-79 model bikes. These are really hard to find in India and I have found one with a running engine(46k km on the odo). I wanted to know if these bikes were made differently for different markets performance wise. The...
  10. restricted version of CB400T Hawks?!

    Hello I am writing from New Delhi and I wanted some info regarding the Honda CB400Tii HAWK '78-79 models. There arent many of them around here n I happened to have found one. Looked around for info about them n I found that they were just about decent for a first project. So, youtube' a couple...
  11. Justin Cycles & CB750

    I am sure I'll get shit on for this one too, but I did get some good advice after wading through the brow beating. Has anyone heard of Justin Cycles? Justin's Cycles Reputable? They have a a cb750 on sale for $2800 - cb 750 cafe racer tracker Seems like what you guys recommend I look for...
  12. Good Deal? Honda CB750

    I was looking at this bike and I am a newbie, so I'd like to get your feedback on this bike and where or not it is a good deal.
  13. AHRMA 160/175 - Strict on years?

    Vintage Motorcycle Racing
    I brought my wife with me to Barber this past year, and much to my delight, my wife loved the racing so much she wanted to try it out. So we're looking for a bike to get her started. I'm thinking a 160. I've got a line on a 68 160 that a friend has out of state. I can pick that up in June. I...
  14. 1971 Honda CL175 Scrambler

    Bikes For Sale
    Selling my Barn Find. 1971 Honda CL 175 Complete bike that does not run. motor turns over. I hate to see this parted out due to its originality and completeness. Keep in mind this is a barn find and has not run in at least 15 years. Bike is located in Leavenworth KS. No TITLE. Third...
  15. New Builder - '76 Honda CJ360t

    New to building and maintenance here, but have a '76 Honda CJ360t that is bogging down upon throttling. I get good rev/RPMs when idling in neutral, but once gear is engaged, no torque. I will get up to about 10 mph and then cease to accelerate, and once I let off throttle it dies. Had carbs...
  16. 1985 Honda VF700S Sabre Cafe project

    Project Builds
    Hi all. I just joined the forum and thought I'd share this project. First, a bit about who I am. My real name is Dino and I work as a European Auto Tech here in North Carolina. I've been wrenching on cars and bikes since 1975. I rebuilt my first motorcycle back then.. a Yamaha 80cc 2-stroke...