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  1. Technical
    Hello there, first time posting here and hoping for help. At this point I'm pretty desperate to fix my bike but haven't found any answers online or from my mechanic. Bike is a stock 78 cb550K and it's blowing white smoke out of number 2 exhaust. This happens after riding it for 5-7 mins when the...
  2. Technical
    I recently acquired a '78 KZ1000, and am looking for someone to go through it. Located in North Texas
    Hey everyone! I'm looking to start the LONG process of learning to build my own cafe racers, top to bottom. I own a '81 Honda CM400T that's currently in 100 pieces which I rode and took apart for about two years before it ended up in it's current state. I got a bit ambitious with my...
1-3 of 3 Results