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  1. Technical
    I have been excited about what I've been reading about Mikuni RS carbs and their effects on the bike's performance. I've seen some videos online of people getting lucky and plugging these into old bikes, and they seem to get lucky and run great. I have an '82 Suzuki GS550. I'm thinking of...
  2. Parts For Sale
    Full details: Pair of Mikuni VM32MM Round Slide Carbs | eBay These are up for auction on ebay with a starting bid of $120.00 (buy-now price of $160.00). Ships to: United States
  3. Technical
    Hello all! First post here. I have a 1973 Honda CL350 (it was my first motorcycle, bought it a few years ago) That no longer runs. Back when it used to run, it would top out at 45 mph (or 50 going down hill). Anyway, recently I took the bike out of storage and it will not start. When I turn the...
  4. Technical
    I have a GS550 with BS32SS mikuni carbs and I haven't been able to get a real answer from anyone as to why I'm having this issue or how to fix but maybe you guys can help here. The bike had a leaky vacuum actuated petcock, so I decided to install a manual fuel valve and set the petcock to...
1-4 of 4 Results