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  1. |Greetings from the UK

    Gentlemen (and ladies) Hello from the UK. I'm new to this forum but not to bikes. Been riding since 1974 and enjoyed absolutely all of it. Of course, now I'm getting past my sell by date I thought it might be an idea to look into making my bike lighter and at the same time making some cosmetic...
  2. New: What kind of honda is this?

    Hi Just wondering if anyone could help with the type of Honda motorcycle this is? Please ignore the rider if possible. I am pretty new to motorcycles and cafe racers in general, so any help would be much appreciated as I am starting to piece together my first build. Cheers.
  3. CB750, Newbie needs help.

    Project Builds
    Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum so I don't really know if I'm unable to follow forum ethics. Correct me where ever I make any mistakes and I won't be offended at all but appreciate it. Bought a Honda CB750 few days back not even sure about the model yet but it is 1982 as far as I know The...
  4. A newbie near you!

    Im looking to get my first (running) bike. I'm wanting an older bike I can run any where on/off road. Scrambler/cafe with a mean sound. I would like to start out with a Yamaha xs or a Honda CB just because there's a lot out there and there not that expensive from what I'm seen. Guys chill out...
  5. Hello from Modesto CA, Gino B

    Full name Gianuario, Building a one bike right now trying to work in everything I have in mind with keeping it with in a reachable goal current state in still early stage but getting there. Look with in the coming year to finish the bike and start my next one.
  6. Ideas welcome to build out of an 83 honda v45 interceptor

    Project Builds
    I have a 1983 Honda v45 Interceptor that I am looking to turn into a cafe racer. Any ideas or suggestions on looks or best parts would be greatly appreciated!