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  1. Technical
    Hey, guys! Okay, so I've been around this forum a bit and I've come to realize that your brains are big. Mine is not, but I want to learn. Engines fascinate me. I figured the best way for me to learn might just be for me to get my hands dirty, so here we go. I went on craigslist, and I found a...
  2. Technical
    Hey guys I need some help. I have a 1982 honda nighthawk 650. The front end is shot. Rusty blown and dry rot seals, just all beat up. My question is will a 1987 cbr 600 front end fit by swapping it out at the neck? Or what other bikes will fit?
  3. Project Builds
    Whatsup guys, I got her around a year and a half ago and she had been my daily rider for a year of that, through rain and cold this trusty steed has never failed me. This is my first bike. I paid 1700$ for her with 28k miles and a massive dent in the tank. So i got straight to the drawing board...
  4. Technical
    I have a 1992 Honda Nighthawk 750 project. I'm trying to run straight through exhaust and pod filters. So I put in 125 mains, 40 pilots and 2 shims. After putting everything back together on the bike, it turns over, but backfires through the exhaust and the carbs. It does not start. Fuel is new...
1-4 of 4 Results