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  1. Yahama XV 535 - Cafe project

    Project Builds
    Hello - My name is Noel, and I recently joined this forum. I did search through the forum to see if my specific questions had been answered - no luck Recently got my licens, and bought an Yamaha XV535. Been riding it for a while, and I think it's time to change it up a bit. Always been fond of...
  2. Looking for RD for project build

    I'm retired and need a project. Looking for a titled basket case,or needs work, RD350 or 400 at a reasonable price. text 585-267-9899 or email [email protected] I'm in upstate NY but am willing to pay shipping.
  3. Hello, i'm new from Italy

    I'm 24, I found this forum running around the web, it's a pleasure to be part of it. I am a college student, always passionate about everything that surrounds the world of engines. I was fortunate enough to be able to grow on a saddle, after I start the maintenance of my engine recently I start...
  4. 78' Honda CB400T: Help Needed

    Project Builds
    Hey all, recently got my hands on a Honda cb400t. I'm completely new to motorcycles, parts, and building. I've come to this forum to get the basics and possibly develop my skills along the way. The bike was in pretty rough shape when i got it and I've just been doing research on parts and...
  5. Can an amateur change the exhaust?

    Just joined the forums! Today I bought a Yamaha XS750 cafe racer project bike. It needs a new seat, some work on the brakes, and a new exhaust. First question, which I'm sure I will have many, is: Can an amateur change the exhaust? The current exhaust has been cut. I saw this on ebay, and from...
  6. Motovlogger entering the world of Cafe Racers

    Hey I'm a Motovlogger with a knack for mechanics and customization! Starting my first project bike from the bottom up, and looking to either go Cafe Racer or Street Tracker with it, still researching and looking at options and conceptualizing. Please check out my YouTube Motovlog, NinjaBraap...
  7. cb1000c for cb550 a realistic trade?

    Wasnt too sure where to post this so i figured this fit the best. i have a project cb1000c that im working on, basically just cleaning and rewiring, should run but i havent tried since i got it because of the wiring, everything inside the engine is clean and is in good condition but you never...
  8. Holy Grail '78 CB 750 Super Sport for sale?

    Sooooo been 5 1/2 years and haven't finished her. everything but the tank is there. Rode her as a Cafe for a few years then wanted to redo her and here she sits. Will have her running as strong as she did before i put her up for sale but what are they fetching? Needs tank and has a cafe seat...
  9. Ideas welcome to build out of an 83 honda v45 interceptor

    Project Builds
    I have a 1983 Honda v45 Interceptor that I am looking to turn into a cafe racer. Any ideas or suggestions on looks or best parts would be greatly appreciated!
  10. GS450 1983 Gas Tank Please Help!

    Hi guys, This is my first post. Feel a bit like a virgin! I just bought a Suzuki GS450E 1983 with the idea to convert it into a Cafe racer. The current gas tank on the bike does not have the look that I have in mind for my perfect cafe racer. I want to swap the gas tank for a GS450 1981 tank...
  11. Hello from Minnesota!

    Hello all. Just purchased my third bike today. Kinda scary purchase though... first bike I have purchased to become a cafe racer AND the first bike I have purchased without a title. 1966?? Yamaha YM1. It has a trail of bills of sales going back to 1981 from previous owner and his father (hasn't...
  12. New to cafe racer... Need help!!!

    Hey guys, I'm a 24 y/o lawyer from the dominican republic currently looking to get my hands on a nice bike. Im not new to riding, i've rode dirt bikes, atvs and scooters for a while, but i still consider myself somewhat a newbie specially when it comes to road bikes. I've been looking for cafe...
  13. Help me!

    Project Builds
    Hello! This is my first forum post, so I am not familiar with any sort of unwritten etiquette about forum posts, but I need help from people who know what they're talking about! I currently own a 1998 CBR 600 F3... yes, a sport bike. Now I know what you are all thinking, "What's...
  14. 86 Honda Shadow vt700c Gas Tanks

    Project Builds
    Hello world, I'm working on a little cafe-esque honda shadow project bike, and I'm wondering what kinds of gas tanks I can get away with trying to fit on my bike. The Shadow's frame is a little wonky, so the average tank wont just slide on. I'm not too concerned about mounting hardware as I'm...
  15. Changing stock speedo and tacho.

    Hi, so I'm thinking of amping up my regular 125cc road bike to cafe racer status. I was thinking of taking off the stock speedo and tacho and substitute them with a single speedo (with integrated odometer). The problem is that I'll lose the fuel gauge this way. Any advice on where I could buy a...
  16. Kawasaki Z250 Cafe Racer for sale

    Bikes For Sale
    SOLD!!!! Hi Everyone, For Sale is my completely rebuilt redesigned 1980 Kawasaki Z250C. Everything possible has been done to this bike and I started from scratch. Respray both frame, tank and engine. For the Engine: New valves, rings, gaskets and cam. New Brakes, tyres, LED Blinkers, Handle...
  17. Upgrade for my VF700S

    This might be something to not let go. It's a two hour drive from here. Perhaps a winter engine swap project for my current work in progress. Hmmmmmm 1984 Honda Interceptor VF700 (Frame & Engine) Discussion points: Weight savings Engine swap issues HP rating increase at the wheel (i.e. no...
  18. '82 CB450SC Waste of money?

    Project Builds
    So a friend of mine's mother gave me her 1982 Honda 450 Nighthawk to use as transportation while I was in college. Now I ride a lot of BMW bikes and use this Honda as a fun little project. Problem is I have 3 bikes and a car, so as a renter I feel like I need to sell some stuff... I am in the...
  19. 1982 VF 750 S V45 Sabre - Project Bike

    Bikes For Sale
    This bike is a 1982 VF 750 S V45 Sabre, which is approx. 90% complete. Also included (if desired) is a 1983 parts bike (not shown, same model) which will not complete the '82, but has a few parts that have been taken over. Also included are several spare parts, such as lights, unpainted gas...
  20. 1982 Yamaha XJ650 Cafe Project

    Project Builds
    I am transforming my bike and will be posting pics as I go. Here is how she started.