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  1. Newbie to the bike world

    Hi guys. So I posted a reply in a thread about myself and was told it would be easier to start my own thread. I didn't at first because I wasn't sure how but I got it now. So I'm new to the bike world and I needed some brutal advice (which I already got so keep it coming) I'm four feet eleven...
  2. Seat fabrication

    Project Builds
    Help a green horn out. I have an 82 gs750tz with a strong motor, clean carbs, and a good transmission. I've done a few restorations on similar bikes but those have all been OEM rebuilds. This time I want to do something a little more fun. The plan so far: lower the front end, clubman the...
  3. 1971 CL100 - beginning cafe racer project- shocks, forks, electrical?

    Hello everybody, I just tuned up an old 1971 CL100. Medium condition. This is my first racer project and I am excited. I have put in a new cam shaft seal, cleaned the points, replaced the leaky exhaust with a CB100 exhaust, rebuilt the carb using the OEM kit. new back tire new chain new...
  4. 1975 Suzuki TS185 Rebuild/Cafe/Thing

    Project Builds
    Hey fellow enthusiasts, this is my first time posting a thread, so please be patient with my slow posting times and responses. This thread is about the first and only two motorcycles i own, and how i am building a cafe racer type bike out of them. A bit about the bikes; My dad bought the two...
  5. 1972 Honda CB750 hodge podge

    Project Builds
    Moving the posts from general to here since I've made something that seems like progress. The bike was dropped off a couple of days ago. Two flat tires and a locked rear wheel. The first thing I had to do was get the rear wheel unstuck so I could move the dang thing. That has since been...
  6. 1975 HONDA CB360T Questions

    Ok... first time on a forum ever. First time building ripping apart a bike and building it ever... I want to put some firestone deluxe champions on this bad boy, but they only make 3.50-18... the front rim fits a 3.00-18. Firestone doesnt make that wheel in a 3.00. Can i use a 3.50 for the...
  7. Where do I find a carb rebuild kit?

    I am rebuilding my carbs from an '82 Honda Nighthawk and I can't seem to figure out where to get a carb rebuild kit... From the image I think they are Keihin VB-22G carbs. Anyone got a idea of where to find the kit? Thanks