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  1. Honda CM250 For £100 Cafe Racer or Restore or should I not even go there?

    Hi all first time posting, have recently really got into cafe racers and have been wanting to have a go at building one myself. I have been looking every single day on Ebay, Gumtree and Craigslist hoping to find a bargain as a lot of older bikes that are deemed classic but are in need of...
  2. 1975 CB360 Saved from sitting in shed since 1989!

    Project Builds
    Quick intro: My four children (9 boy, 8 girl, 6 girl, 4 boy)and I have been working on this shed find for about 1 year now and have made great progress. We have rebuilt front breaks, cleaned and adjusted carbs, dismantled anything that has a screw and cleaned it up and removed the horrible wind...