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  1. Project Builds
    Hey there guys. I recently acquired a SUZUKI XF650, customised as a scrambler and i am interested in swapping the fronts. is there any similar bike with inverted forks that could make an easy swap? Feel free to suggest any other possible mods. le mods.
  2. Project Builds
    Hey, Currently doing my first build, purchased a 1981 Yamaha SR185 - maybe not the best geometry - but managed to grab it from an old barn for $80 (NZD) I'm looking for options around a replacement tank so that there is less of an cruiser style angle to the look of the bike. Does anyone know...
  3. Member Products
    Yes, you too can be badass awesome! : Ichiban Moto est. 1951
  4. General
    Hi guys, I wrote an article about one of Lab Motorcycles new builds. They are a garage based in Portugal that create custom bikes almost exclusively with salvaged parts. They didn't give in to the temptation of building a "showroom" bike just for the exposure they would probably get. They are...
  5. Project Builds
    Working on a 72 CL100 as a daily commuter (about 2 miles) and a bike to take on some backroads to get great photos of places that are hard to get to in a car. Purchased the bike from the first owner and it only has about 4000 miles on it. It was running but in rough shape. here is a list of...
  6. Project Builds
    Hey guys, first post here. Just started riding and getting into bike, my favorite and only preferred atheistic is the cafe/scrambler or whatever ya wanna call it minimalist bikes and I just picked up this cb550 with a Corbin seat and other than the obvious seat replacement and clubman bars etc I...
  7. Bikes For Sale
    Selling my Barn Find. 1971 Honda CL 175 Complete bike that does not run. motor turns over. I hate to see this parted out due to its originality and completeness. Keep in mind this is a barn find and has not run in at least 15 years. Bike is located in Leavenworth KS. No TITLE. Third...
1-7 of 7 Results