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  1. Suzuki GD110-AX4 and EN125-2A

    Hey y'all! Either of one of these bikes could be my first project and I have no experience with wrenching at all but i am eager to learn. I'm just kinda worried that the build would be a bit difficult because of the seat's position. as you can see it is slanted. I would have no problem doing...
  2. Want your opinion/ small survey

    Project Builds
    Hello guys, I want to know your opinion, so if it's not hard please answer this small survey. I am planning to create a business that will be based on making high quality custom fitted custom cafe racer seats. We would make the right shape and form and the client would be able to choose the...
  3. Help choosing attractive two person seat for Cafe project

    Project Builds
    So, a few months back my perfect condition 96 Honda cb250 was stolen. It was recovered two weeks later, but with almost everything cosmetic stripped off, some parts were replaced with inferior parts, the bike was poorly spray painted and the rear of the frame was chopped off. I am a huge fan of...
  4. CM400t cafe build

    Project Builds
    So I recently purchased an 81 CM400T. I know there's alot of people who advise against getting a CM to build a Cafe, but I decided to give it a shot. So the question I have right now is regarding the seat. I've done my research and seen several CM's with the seat I'm going for but I can't seem...