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  1. Technical
    posted once before and since then I've gotten my bike running now time to turn her into a racer. was thinking i wanted to do a more modern sport bike front end swap, but iv read on a few other forums that its real only benefit is cosmetic? the real question about it is what kind of front end...
  2. Technical
    Hi All, I have a Royal Endfield Continental and I really hate how the rear shocks look. I'll change the yellow color of the spring and the copper looking reservoir. But I also wanted to flip the shocks leaving the reservoir up, does that affect the bikes performace in any way? I'm posting the...
    Hello everybody, I just tuned up an old 1971 CL100. Medium condition. This is my first racer project and I am excited. I have put in a new cam shaft seal, cleaned the points, replaced the leaky exhaust with a CB100 exhaust, rebuilt the carb using the OEM kit. new back tire new chain new...
1-3 of 3 Results