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  1. front end swap? rear shocks? maybe new carbs? 73 cb500f

    posted once before and since then I've gotten my bike running now time to turn her into a racer. was thinking i wanted to do a more modern sport bike front end swap, but iv read on a few other forums that its real only benefit is cosmetic? the real question about it is what kind of front end...
  2. Can shocks be flipped upside down, without any problems?

    Hi All, I have a Royal Endfield Continental and I really hate how the rear shocks look. I'll change the yellow color of the spring and the copper looking reservoir. But I also wanted to flip the shocks leaving the reservoir up, does that affect the bikes performace in any way? I'm posting the...
  3. 1971 CL100 - beginning cafe racer project- shocks, forks, electrical?

    Hello everybody, I just tuned up an old 1971 CL100. Medium condition. This is my first racer project and I am excited. I have put in a new cam shaft seal, cleaned the points, replaced the leaky exhaust with a CB100 exhaust, rebuilt the carb using the OEM kit. new back tire new chain new...