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suzuki gs750

  1. GS750 Valves Without Depressor.... Possible?

    Hey everyone, I'm working on the valves on my '79 GS750. Most are in spec but there are a couple in dire need of fixing. The manual shows that I need to use a "tappet depressor" to be able to pull the shims out but I can't find one of those in town and I don't wanna wait for one in the mail. Has...
  2. 1977 GS750

    Project Builds
    Hey everyone, I'm new here. I've had a few years of experience in motorcycle mechanics and attended MMI recently. Though I'm not a full time mechanic for work, working on bikes is my all time passion. I've had most of my "project" bike experience working on a 98 cbr900rr that I built into a...
  3. 1978 Suzuki GS750 Wiring Inquiry

    Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum and my friend and I are in the process of making an old 1978 Suzuki GS750 run again. The previous owner before us tried to convert this bike into a cafe racer, however he left it unfinished. We were able to fix some of the stuffs like building a new seat...