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  1. '81 GS650 Custom air intake

    Project Builds
    I'm thinking of fabricating some type of intake for my GS project, since I hear the air pods won't run well on it. The stock air box didn't come with the bike and rather than spending money on one, Id rather fabricate something that looks cool. I was thinking of just using exhaust pipe with some...
  2. Suzuki GD110-AX4 and EN125-2A

    Hey y'all! Either of one of these bikes could be my first project and I have no experience with wrenching at all but i am eager to learn. I'm just kinda worried that the build would be a bit difficult because of the seat's position. as you can see it is slanted. I would have no problem doing...
  3. Triple 6 1980 GS850

    Project Builds
    About 2 months ago I picked up my first bike. When I got it, it was kinda hacked together, it had a Harley rear fender, a Harley brake lever (the bars are 7/8" and the Harley handle was a 1", so P/O used duct tape and some scrap steel to make it fit, but it would move around and it just felt...
  4. 1980 Suzuki Good Deal???

    Been lurking forever, trying to find a good deal to get into Café Racers. Found this gem on Craigslist, just wondering if you guys thought it was a good deal and how to tell which exact model it is. The guy said he bought a truck from an older gentleman who threw in the motorcycle in the bed of...
  5. Suzuki GS425 carbs

    Hello ! I was wondering if anyone would have some information to how I could increase the HP on my little 425. I am getting some POD filters put on to do away with the airbox. Was wondering what kind size of jets would be sufficient with more air flow ? Any help would be much appreciated ! :cool:
  6. 1979 suzuki gs425 1 cylinder not running help

    So I found this guy selling a 1979 suzuki gs425 on letgo for $800. He's real and all, no ebay shipping scam or anything like the last bike I saw on craigslist. So the bike has 2000 original miles and was partially restored, but he said recently one of the cylinders stopped firing. He also says...
  7. Newbie in need of help

    Project Builds
    So I've been eyeing building a cafe racer for a long while but haven't ever had the means to do so. Until now. That being said, even after reading all of the online posts and guides and DIY tips and tricks, I'm not quite sure where to start. Personally not much of a mechanic (little to no...
  8. 1979 Suzuki gs850 cranks but won't start

    Project Builds
    Hello I have a 1979 Suzuki gs850 that I recently purchased. My plan is to get it running so that I can sell it. I have never taken on a task like this before but I figured I would start by removing and cleaning the carburetors which I did. I cleaned the engine as it was full of dirt and put the...
  9. Suzuki Gr 650 cafe my first project

    Project Builds
    Hi all, I'm recent member of this forum from Italy. I started recently my first project, I bought a Suzuki Gr 650 and in the free time i modify that at my home. I'm a student and in the weekend I work but I try to do everything at home and buy less possible. I really love motor bike and all...
  10. Hello, i'm new from Italy

    I'm 24, I found this forum running around the web, it's a pleasure to be part of it. I am a college student, always passionate about everything that surrounds the world of engines. I was fortunate enough to be able to grow on a saddle, after I start the maintenance of my engine recently I start...
  11. Newbie from Croatia

    Hi Greetings from Croatia... although im everywhere more than in Croatia, as I have a severe case of Wanderlust ;P I am a petrolhead like most of us here, but I sway all the time from 2 to 4 wheels. I own a small import export company specializing in finding in vintage vehicles... basically a...
  12. 1982 GN400 Horn

    Project Builds
    Trying to piece back a bike that I bought in Nevada where no safety inspection is necessary as opposed to here in Utah. So today's project is the horn. As many of you know this is a 6 volt system. When the horn is dissembled from the bike and a multi-meter is placed on both leads it has...
  13. 1982 GN400 Service Manual

    Cant seem to find a service manual for my newly purchase bike. If anyone has an old one laying around let me know! thanks
  14. 1982 Suzuki GN400 Fork Seals

    New member to the forum, and a new member to the world of 2 wheels. Never really ridden before but after selling my car I decided on a bike. Enough background. I bought an 82' Suzuki gn400 and its needing new fork seals and possibly something on the bottom end as it leaks there too. Ive...
  15. 1974 Suzuki GT380 Motorcycle Parts: From Bolts To Brakes, Everything OEM

    Are you restoring a vintage GT380? Need OEM Suzuki parts for your bike? Missing a part and need a solid replacement? Look no further than 74GT380 Parts Guy: From bolts to brakes to everything in between, all Suzuki parts sold and available for purchase are OEM from a 1974 Suzuki GT380...
  16. Suzuki GS550/650 & GS650 custom pistons 740cc 10.25:1 Wiseco group purchas

    I thought I'd give a shout out on here for any Suzuki GS550 & 650 owners who don't frequent the GS Resources Forum. We're putting together a group purchase deal for Wiseco to re-make a small batch of their long out of production 740cc 10.25:1 K740 Suzuki GS650 pistons. Most of the people buying...
  17. 1982 GS750 Cafe Racer for sale questions. Found on craigslist

    Hello, I am a beginning rider, firgured I'd address that first and foremost. I have always enjoyed the style of bikes that are Cafe Racers. I recently stumbled upon this Cafe Racer on craigslist and went to look at it. I took some photos of it (which I will be posting) however, I had a few...
  18. Quick Question!!

    Project Builds
    There is an ad on craigslist for a 1976 Suzuki gs550e. I have no experience with Suzukis. The guy is asking for $340, and says "Needs carburetor work and maybe a chain and a battery." if I want to make it a reliable cafe, is it worth my time? Thanks -Adam
  19. 1979 KZ1000 ST Cafe FOR SALE

    Bikes For Sale
    Selling my 1979 KZ1000 ST cafe racer. Nothing is wrong with the bike at all. Recently tuned. A lot of new parts and custom work. -new tires -new cafe tail -new tail light and head light -new grips -custom seat -Kerker exhaust -battery and blinker wiring all hidden under tail -totally stripped...
  20. Super Newbie!

    Hey All, My name is Miller and I just recently bought 2 bikes, I had to buy both to get one. They are a 78 Suzuki gs550 and a 79 gs750. They are both in pretty rough shape and I can't pick them up for a couple of weeks. I have full intentions of turning these into something special. All help...