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  1. Technical
    I am looking to put tyres on my almost finished project and was hoping to get some advice. The bike in question is a virago 750 1981 monoshock Cafe Racer with a Yamaha R1 front end. The options I have in front of me are: 130/90-16 (Stock Size) Rear + 120/90-17 Front or 130/90-16 (Stock Size)...
  2. Technical
    Hey guys, Does anyone know what size these tires are and where to get them? The rims are 19 in front and 18 in back. Standard for alot of the R's. I have the same rims, But i want these tires. Not sure where I found this pick so i cant ask the owner if he went 120 or 130 on the back, or if...
1-3 of 3 Results