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  1. Technical
    Hello all, After stalking this forum for ages, I decided to cave and ask for help! There are currently 2 issues that I'm trying to resolve with my '94 gn250 build. It's my first build and I'm learning as I go without prior mechanical knowledge. So I'm bound to hurdle into some problems that I...
  2. Technical
    I bought some after market turn signals to fit the style of my Honda CB 360 a little better. I hooked them up to the bike and they light up but they won't flash. The strange thing is that if I just have one of the stock turn signals hooked up on either the front or rear, the flasher relay works...
  3. General
    here's the secret to mending your damaged lens without spending thousands:
  4. General
    Hey guys, I have a 78 gs550 that I picked up for dirt cheap. It's my first bike ever and I am loving the cafe style. One issue I have ran into is converting my turn signals to LEDs. I am assuming I need a resistor and can't just plug and play? If a resistor is needed? How do I know what kind or...
1-4 of 4 Results