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  1. Project Builds
    Hi guys, A few days ago I started on my XV920 that I recently bought. Its my first time working on a bike so it's a little overwhelming but so far it's going alright. I opened up the left side of the engine because it didnt start and the starter wasn't sounding healthy. As expected the starter...
  2. Technical
    Hello everyone! A friend of mine told me this is the place to have those in the know help out with builds so here I am humbly asking for advice :). I am putting together a Virgao 750 cafe and have just purchased myself a set of R1 forks for her from a seller who gave up on his 750 project...
  3. Technical
    Hello everyone! Im new to the forum but not to cafe racers! Some background info: Started with a Kawasaki KX750 then moved to a Yamaha xj550 seca and now I Currently have a 1982 Yamaha XV750 Virago and a 1980 Honda CX500. Im currently stuck on my 82 XV750 and need help. So everything on the...
  4. Bikes For Sale
    I am selling my 1982 Yamaha Virago XV750 that was converted into a unique café racer. I bought this originally from a Dealer in California last summer. The reason for the sale is I have not been able to ride this bad boy enough. I have put less than 12 miles on the bike. My virago was locally...
  5. Technical
    How would I know which one to get?
  6. Technical
    one of the ECU's looks busted (JFT00672) - any replacement suggestions? seems hard to source What should I get? ACCEL Super Coil 140408BK (3.0 ohms resistance) OR ACCEL Super Coil 140406 (4.7 ohms resistance) ? And which wires to get for them?
  7. Technical
    Hi all, Newbie here, 0 technical/mechanical experience, and my first post. Recently acquired an '81 Virago XV750, and a complete '08-'16 R6 R6R front fork assembly, hoping to achieve a cafe racer look eventually. Will the forks fit? How can I achieve the chunky tires look?
  8. Project Builds
    I know the Virago has been cafe'd to death ever since Greg Hageman's build debuted on Cafe Racer TV, but I think I might have a fresh take on it. When I first saw Hageman's Virago cafe racer I thought it was a cool bike, but wasn't particularly drawn to it. A few years passed and I sold my...
1-8 of 8 Results