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  1. Wanted Honda CB250 RS spoke wheels

    Hi, As I've been told the CB250RS spoke wheels would fit my CB250N, so if anyone have em laying around or know someone who have them, please sell them to me. Rear 1.85x18 drum brake Front 1.85x19 disc brake Model year bike : 1981 //Niklas
  2. Change aluminum wheels too spoke wheels CB250N-81

    Hello, I'm just about to start on my project this fall/winter. I was wondering if anyone out there could give me some advice or input about swapping wheels from aluminum wheels to spoke wheels. Does anyone know if there's a model from Honda with spoke wheels that just "fit in" on my model...
  3. Front wheel issue (offset to one side) cb350f

    so i laced up my third set of wheels and trued them to within .0314 (around 1/32) verified by dial indicator on truing stand. i thought all was good to go at that point so i had the tire mounted and yet again checked for any changes and made minimal adjustments. it was still around that 1/32nd...
  4. Wire wheels

    I have a 1980 Hawk that has the 5 star style rims on it and i'd like to swap them out for a set of the spoked if anyone has any for sale??? Thanks..