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wiring issues
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  1. Technical
    So I have an old KZ 550 that I am wanting to do some type of build on and would like to make it into a cafe racer. My wiring is all completely shot. I am wanting to run minimal wiring and the wiring diagrams in the shop manual is extremely confusing to me. Any tips on wiring this up would be...
  2. Technical
    So, as the title says, none of the lights on my Honda CG125 (1993) work, even when running. Now, I believe the electrics are working because the ignition turns the bike off and - occasionally - shocks me I turn the key, despite both ground wires being attached to the frame. Anyway, despite...
  3. Technical
    I know I can not be the first person this has happened to. Bike is a Honda CB360. I have one build that is running (or it was until last night) and another I bought as my next project. After removing the Pamco from the latest bike I found the wire had rubbed through the insulation and...
  4. Technical
    Hey all. I am trying to wire some new headlights. The factory light has white yellow brown. The new light has black white yellow brown. What do I do with the new black wire? [email protected]
  5. Project Builds
    Hello all! Glad to find a very knowledgeable group. I recently acquired an 83 Suzuki gs850gl that I want to turn into my first cafe racer. This model came with quite a few extras that I do not desire on my final build. ( fuel gauge, gear number indicator) Would it be wiser to take down the...
  6. Technical
    so i have been working on a 1973 cb500 for about three months now. so far the engine has been swapped with a 77 cb550 engine and then bored out. i used vintage yoshimura rods, new higher comp pistons and a few other goodies. the tank and frame have been painted as well as a metal seat pan. the...
1-6 of 6 Results