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  1. Technical
    On to the seat job, my wife is gonna try and do the stitching after I form the seat foam. Gonna do more of a thinner stock style seat. It’s on the original metal seat pan so it’ll need rivets right? When I do the rivets do I just go from the outside in through the vinyl on both sides keeping the...
  2. Project Builds
    So, the weather turned decent here and I got my prep done for some paint. I laid down the primer and went to sand it for the base color and ran into a problem. Or I should say that my dog ran into the table the my fender was on, in turn, knocking it onto the concrete floor. Thought it just...
    Just joined here to say thank you, I picked up a “Garage find” 79 xs750 in November 2020 that has “been sitting since 1996” the year of my birth haha. In my searches I kept coming here or DTT forums. In your infinite wisdom that you share, and my clymer manual, I have a pretty decent...
1-3 of 3 Results