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  1. XV 750 custom wiring harness help please

    Project Builds
    I want to do a custom XV 750 wiring harness something that is plug and play would be awesome does anyone know where I could buy one? The old one is really bulky and too big for the build I’m doing
  2. Help! Lights only working when accelerating

    Hello everyone! Im new to the forum but not to cafe racers! Some background info: Started with a Kawasaki KX750 then moved to a Yamaha xj550 seca and now I Currently have a 1982 Yamaha XV750 Virago and a 1980 Honda CX500. Im currently stuck on my 82 XV750 and need help. So everything on the...
  3. Alternative donor

    Project Builds
    Hello everyone! I've started to look for alternative donor to build something like Peter's dog cycles xv750 virago. My friends and people from other forums told me xv750 81-83's is a very bad idea. Is it possible to find younger donor with ability to build very similar look? I have already...
  4. 1982 Yamaha Virago xv750 Cafe Racer custom

    Bikes For Sale
    I am selling my 1982 Yamaha Virago XV750 that was converted into a unique café racer. I bought this originally from a Dealer in California last summer. The reason for the sale is I have not been able to ride this bad boy enough. I have put less than 12 miles on the bike. My virago was locally...
  5. '81 Virago XV750 2 Brush or 4 Brush Starter?

    How would I know which one to get?
  6. '81 Virago XV750 Electrical Inquiry - ECU & Ignition Coils

    one of the ECU's looks busted (JFT00672) - any replacement suggestions? seems hard to source What should I get? ACCEL Super Coil 140408BK (3.0 ohms resistance) OR ACCEL Super Coil 140406 (4.7 ohms resistance) ? And which wires to get for them?
  7. '81 Virago XV750 Front Fork Swap with R6

    Hi all, Newbie here, 0 technical/mechanical experience, and my first post. Recently acquired an '81 Virago XV750, and a complete '08-'16 R6 R6R front fork assembly, hoping to achieve a cafe racer look eventually. Will the forks fit? How can I achieve the chunky tires look?
  8. 82 Virago Cafe

    Project Builds
    I know the Virago has been cafe'd to death ever since Greg Hageman's build debuted on Cafe Racer TV, but I think I might have a fresh take on it. When I first saw Hageman's Virago cafe racer I thought it was a cool bike, but wasn't particularly drawn to it. A few years passed and I sold my...