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I've been asking many questions lately. Thanks for all the replies.

I'm tuning my carbs and I think i'm getting closer. They are Mikuni vm30's on a cb350-stock. I went from a 175 main jet to a 130 and it seems to run better wide open. it really seems to run really good in the middle too.

However, if i turn the throttle to about 1/8 the rpm's raise to a little over two thousand and then raise to close to 6000 rpm. I've adjusted the position of the needle with no luck; not really thinking it would help anyway. My guess is maybe the pilot/ idle jet is wrong??? I'm not sure whats in there now, but I do have a 55 I can try. Also, I have a P5 needlejet in there now and have a spare P2 I could try.

Any suggestions? Thanks!
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