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11-3/4" KONI 1314 rebuilt shocks NOS parts

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these babies i got a few years ago still with the original box never used or mounted
they didn't come with springs and they like all old konis needed a complete cleanout as the plastic top-out washer koni used was melted and was starting to migrate into the piston valving
they sat in my stock for a long time because i didn't have any springs short enough
well i have the ability and tools so i shortened a pair of nice 60/90 springs changing them into for all practical purposes a straight rate 90lb per linear inch rate suitable for bikes in the 400-450 lb range depending on many factors of course but i can verify suitability for you and your machine with some data from you
the damping is adjustable it does require removing spring and bumper to do so
the bodies are nos with original paint and sticker
rods are the nos that came with them
,pistons,cylinders,foot valves are either nos or close to that ,everything gone through cleaned out of the evil goo
seal and wiper are my own fitment of tough usa made martin fluid power, polyurethane construction 'guaranteed to never leak
$450 shipped in the usa Auto part Suspension part Suspension Automotive engine part Shock absorber
Suspension part Auto part Shock absorber Suspension Automotive engine part
Suspension part Suspension Auto part Shock absorber
Auto part Suspension part Shock absorber Suspension Automotive engine part
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