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175 exhaust, and others

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I just bought a 71 cl175, its my first bike and I will be converting it to a cafe racer. First thing to go is gonna be those ugly pipes. I was just wondering where I can get exhaust for it. I have found stock cb175 exhausts on ebay, and was wondering what else is out there.

Also what front ends and rear shocks will work on this bike. Also can I just switch out some of the parts from the current front end to make it more street friendly. I haven't worked on bikes before, but I used to work as an equpiment mechanic so I have good general mechanical knowledge, so I'm not too worried about difficulty of the modifications.

I assume i would also need 550 trees for these,

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I've got those forks on my bike and they work the tits. Yes you'll need a set of 550 trees (35mm) or some other kind of 35mm trees. Usually the work comes in mixing and matching the stems to get the right length and diameter so you can get a set of tapered bearings.

If I remember right I got mine working using the 550 trees and stem, but I had to cut about 3/4" out of the stem and reweld it. Advisable to have this done by a competent machinist/welder. Then I had to buy two sets of tapered bearings to get one each of the size I needed. The lower bearing on the 175 is something like 48.5mm OD...not an easy size to find. Can be frustrating, but it's simple enough from a mechanical point of view.

I make race pipes for 175's, probably not really suitable for the street. If you got the bucks you can get some nice SS 2-1 pipes from Predator in the UK. They make a nice heavy duty stainless 2-1 system but it will cost you close to $400 by the time you get it to your house from the UK.

PS. I can make a set of pipes for about the same price, less than half the weight, very loud, thin gauge steel, that would rust out rather quickly in street use, and make great power from 8-14,000 rpm. Ideal for the street rider that is a freakin idiot.

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Nope I don't think any later model except maybe the CB200 exhaust is close enough to use. I don't think the 185 is even close.

Far as I know the Predator company is the only place in the entire world that makes complete systems for the CB175...seriously. I have seen NOS aftermarket system for the 175 on ebay for about $100 that look pretty nice.

If you want a pretty much bolt on fork...go with a CB200 front end, pretty much bolt on....some even have a disk brake...although it's a mechanical disk and a well adjusted 175 drum probably works better.

Want a nice street setup. Go with a CB200 front end...put 1" spacers at the top of the fork springs, throw in some 15wt fork oil, lace up a wheel using a CB160 drum brake. The 160 brake when adjusted right works very well.
And....that would be the smart thing to have done.

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