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175 exhaust, and others

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I just bought a 71 cl175, its my first bike and I will be converting it to a cafe racer. First thing to go is gonna be those ugly pipes. I was just wondering where I can get exhaust for it. I have found stock cb175 exhausts on ebay, and was wondering what else is out there.

Also what front ends and rear shocks will work on this bike. Also can I just switch out some of the parts from the current front end to make it more street friendly. I haven't worked on bikes before, but I used to work as an equpiment mechanic so I have good general mechanical knowledge, so I'm not too worried about difficulty of the modifications.

I assume i would also need 550 trees for these,

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I can do what?

you can spend the money on a badass race exhaust for the street. it just seemed like such a good idea when I read it. I got a little excited.

do it, do it
smart and quiet....and probably what I would have done too.

so did anyone click on my starsky and hutch link?
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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