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175 Grudge Race Times

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Below are the times Zack and I ran in our race. Not sure why it cut off some of his laps...does that sometimes.

J BRANSON 6/12/2006 17:36 NHIS 53 1 02:47.4
J BRANSON 6/12/2006 17:37 NHIS 53 2 01:37.0
J BRANSON 6/12/2006 17:39 NHIS 53 3 01:37.0
J BRANSON 6/12/2006 17:40 NHIS 53 4 01:35.0
J BRANSON 6/12/2006 17:42 NHIS 53 5 01:36.9
J BRANSON 6/12/2006 17:44 NHIS 53 6 01:35.9
J BRANSON 6/12/2006 17:45 NHIS 53 7 01:35.4
J BRANSON 6/12/2006 17:47 NHIS 53 8 01:35.8

Zack 6/12/2006 0:27 NHIS 49 1 02:50.2
Zack 6/12/2006 0:29 NHIS 49 2 01:35.1
Zack 6/12/2006 0:30 NHIS 49 3 01:37.0
Zack 6/12/2006 0:35 NHIS 49 4 01:34.3
Zack 6/12/2006 0:37 NHIS 49 5 01:34.9
Zack 6/12/2006 0:38 NHIS 49 6 01:34.9

I thought he had beat my best time ever....went back and looked at 2005, I ran a 1:33.3 as my best that year. Zacks race average lap time I think is better than any race I've run. Look at lap three...that's when I was in his lap four he got around me and started running quicker.
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Yeah I think you did run a 1:33.(?) during that race...seems like I remember seeing it on the timer mounted on the bike...but it didn't download....SO IT DON"T COUNT BABY!
Mysterious how those last laps disappeared....does that sometimes when you go to fast :)

I remember the 1:37.0 lap...that's when you and Nichols blew buy up around 8. That's the lap we went through 3 right together, you almost leaned on me at the apex...good fun.
By the start/finish of the fifth lap you guys had a good distance on me. Running a about 1.5 seconds faster.

But...I picked up a couple of things following you though...should be good for close to a second a lap I think.
I'm using the "Ultra-Lap"....think it's made by XT Racing.
Works ok. Does drop laps now and then, and seems to go haywire every so often...probably due to the ignition systems we use on our bikes. Mag/CDI ignitions, steel core wires, no resistors.
The first two system be bought from XT wouldn't work at all due to ignition interference. I called XT and talked to them, they said they have the same report from vintage racers in Japan. We sent them back, they sent some new ones that work about 95% of the time.
Takes a while to get the hang of them...where to mount the pickup, where to put the beacon....if you should use a beacon at all....looking around turn 12 to see what kind of beacons are already there etc.
Not much of an issue during a vintage race...but probably a lot more systems running during a modern race, which can makes things a little screwy.
Man I wish our club had access to that stuff.
I've had to get Mary to squeez through a very small gap in the gate twice to get our beacon we forgot.
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