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175 Grudge Race Times

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Below are the times Zack and I ran in our race. Not sure why it cut off some of his laps...does that sometimes.

J BRANSON 6/12/2006 17:36 NHIS 53 1 02:47.4
J BRANSON 6/12/2006 17:37 NHIS 53 2 01:37.0
J BRANSON 6/12/2006 17:39 NHIS 53 3 01:37.0
J BRANSON 6/12/2006 17:40 NHIS 53 4 01:35.0
J BRANSON 6/12/2006 17:42 NHIS 53 5 01:36.9
J BRANSON 6/12/2006 17:44 NHIS 53 6 01:35.9
J BRANSON 6/12/2006 17:45 NHIS 53 7 01:35.4
J BRANSON 6/12/2006 17:47 NHIS 53 8 01:35.8

Zack 6/12/2006 0:27 NHIS 49 1 02:50.2
Zack 6/12/2006 0:29 NHIS 49 2 01:35.1
Zack 6/12/2006 0:30 NHIS 49 3 01:37.0
Zack 6/12/2006 0:35 NHIS 49 4 01:34.3
Zack 6/12/2006 0:37 NHIS 49 5 01:34.9
Zack 6/12/2006 0:38 NHIS 49 6 01:34.9

I thought he had beat my best time ever....went back and looked at 2005, I ran a 1:33.3 as my best that year. Zacks race average lap time I think is better than any race I've run. Look at lap three...that's when I was in his lap four he got around me and started running quicker.
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Nifty. Data is fun. How come my lap 7 and 8 aren't there? Is that where I did the 1:33.1? I think it's cool that lap 3 for both of us is the same; must've been nose to tail. Man, that was fun.
I'm not riding Granite State. I'm not an AMA member anymore, plus I don't have a bike to ride. I'm going to help Big Phinneous out as best I can, and hang out with my daddio. We're going to watch races and then say thiings like, "Oh we totally could have dominated".

My times mysteriously disappeared?!? Well then, I'm telling everyone that I did a :33! Bah, not that it matters. It was way too much fun for me to care.
We started using one of those lap timer thingies on the R6. What kind is it Aaron? Anyway, it seemed a bit inconsistent. The first race we used it, we got times that were all over the map, but some were just a few tenths off what the NHIS system registered. One time it showed a time a couple tenths faster than I had gone, so that was frustrating when I checked the track's printouts. I'm sure we'll get it worked out. It's definitely a good thing to have if you want to challenge yourself.

Yea, they don't allow you to set up your own beacon. I think they set one up, so that everyone's will work. Or, the NHIS system might trigger it. Either way, I don't think they allow people to set up their own, for obvious reasons. Also, they have live timing there, so if you have a laptop with wireless capabilities you can tap in to the track's system and watch the race live. Pretty nifty.

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