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175 idleing high

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I finally got my bike put back together and it runs, but it idles way too high (around 4-5, tach doesnt work right now) and every time i touch the throttle it dies. I can't seem to fix it with carb adjustment, but I haven't tried too hard yet. Just wondering if theres anything I should check first. Thanks.
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A couple of things to check.

1. If you did anything with the throttle cable make sure it's not binding and holding the carbs open.

2. If you had the carbs apart make sure you didn't put the right hand slide in the left hand carb and vice versa. (when you look in the carb inlet you should be able to see part of the slide "cut-away" at the bottom of each slide...if you see no cut-away then you have the slides swapped in the carbs)

3. Turn the idle speed screws all the way out (the screws in about the middle of the carb...NOT the idle air screws close to the inlet). If you are sure the cable is not binding, and the slides are installed properly then look inside the carb inlet and slowly turn the idle speed screws in until the slide starts to move up. You can use a piece of wire under the slides as a guage to set the height on each slide about the same.

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