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19 " race tyres, yo

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So what's the tire of choice for the Period 2 class, specifically my CB450. I had some Goodyear DTs that I ran on my supermotard bike at NHIS, and Jerry said they were borderline for his track, he thought that they were a bit too "coarse", which I found hard to believe. Is there a restriction on tire choices, besides treaded only?
Anyway, planning ahead, so I need a lead on a supplier.
Also thinking about running the aforementioned supermotard in the Singles class. It's an '86 XL600. Think they'll let me in?

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19inch race tyres are hard to come by, but Avon has one. You can run whatever you want for tyres, Frank C is still running the same pair from the 60's.

The 600 will be fine in the Singles class.

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