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1946 Matchless flat tracker

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Well haven't been here for a while. The last time I tried to rebuild the engine 2 years ago I couldn't find a piston so I shelved it, I hated seeing it just sit around and just dug into it. Turns out the bottom end is a 46 GL3 with a 1951 connecting rod on a 46 crankshaft giving it a 3.91 stroke a 51 barrel and head making it a stroker motor 383cc, also 1951 front end and rims, I'm guessing for the larger axles. So the shop is going through a complete makeover A/C and new equipment so I'm playing around with the bike in my living room and the new wife is just thrilled about it, plus all the baggies from 25+ years ago were rotted and everything is mixed up so I have nuts and bolts all over the place. I still have boxes of parts to go through, I hope the rest of the bike is there. Auto part Automotive engine part Tool accessory
Auto part Bicycle part Vehicle Automotive engine part Rim
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Spoke
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Did you tell the new wife upfront that you had this little issue with motorcycles. Do the flintlocks in a tepee indicate you have been moved to the garage and are in charge of feeding yourself? LOL
Well since there were 6 bikes in the living room when we meet I think she has the motorcycle thing figured out. The red flat tracker is a permanent fixture in the living room The muskets are from the
Revolutionary War, since I did not have an American flag to put up on the 4th of July I thought it would be fitting to display them for the month of July. I haven't had to move into the garage yet, but one or two more bikes in the house might do it, LOL
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Well haven't had a chance to touch the Matchless, but made some headway on the shop, vaulted the ceiling, ran new electric, changed the double doors to a single, ordered new tool boxes and some new equipment and poured the slab for the A/C. also picked up a nice 6' Scat Blaster and filter system for cheep on CL. Had a customer drop off a hacked up, going to build my dream bike, oops I fucked up a good KZ900. I'll post some pics when I get back to the storage unit. it's not good, but it's good for a laugh
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