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1962 Manx Norton, an autojumble and eBay special!

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A three week build - 1962 Norton Manx 30m 500cc.

From parts to running, including most of the painting too. Wheels had been built previously!

The engine in bits - not a strip but rather a “collection” build, parts found via eBay, forums, friends and contacts.

Most part pictures are ready for fitting, some still need deep cleaning but mechanical are 100%.

Crank rebuilt and ready to start "fitting".


Bottom end together

New old stock cylinder vapour blasted and ready to fit, piston is a 1962 small pin Cosworth 2 ringer.

Reg Dearden twin spark plug cylinder head rebuilt with new seats, guides and valves.

Chassis build up, forks in and ready but much of the rest is still finger tight. Engine just sitting in position ready for plates and gearbox.

Cockpit area finished, original fast action Wassel throttle handle.

Forks - Arty shot!

Engine and gearbox in, front engine plates and head steady not fitted.

Primary drive and clutch fitted. Engine now bolted in tight.


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May I have a data of gear ratio of burman gearbox for norton manx 30 M 1958 ? regards Sergio
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