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I have a 'brand new' late 1969 or very early 1970 K0 SOHC hot rod motor available for sale, #1037302. It is not sandcast, rather an early diecast motor with many modern hot rod upgrade parts. This engine will fit 1969-1978 Cb750s. There are zero miles on this professionally built beast. It is a gorgeous motor, painted black with polished fin edges on the head, and the valve cover and side tins are powder coated red. The big bore kit is a period correct Henry Abe "900cc" kit, but the actual displacement is slightly less than 900cc. There are different Henry Abe kits out there, this is the most desirable one with the larger valve pockets in the pistons and 3-piece oil rings.

I was told it has an "RC" crankshaft (I paid $500 for the crank...) and all new bearings on the bottom end. Up top I have verified that it has heavy duty cylinder studs, new cam chain, replacement cylinder sleeves, a fresh valve job, beefy valve springs, a 'big bore hot cam' -- I think it is a 'Web' cam, plus a one of the nicer oil pressure gauges. It also sports polished tappet covers, polished stainless allen bolt hardware, new carb-to-motor rubbers, chrome points cover, and it is ready to knock your socks off. It has been stored in a climate controlled workshop and is ready to go right now.

This is NOT a hobbled together garage piece. This is a professionally built engine that was supposed to go into a very special bike. Sadly I am laid off and there is a baby on the way, so the special project is getting pieced out.

I am also parting out boxes of stock and trick cafe racer and other bits for these CB750s. Included is a brand new full CR750 body work set, and a mostly complete 1980 CB750 super sport. Let me know if you need anything for a CB750. There is a good chance I've got it, or I had it but sold it this morning.

If you send me your contact info, and I will call you ASAP.

peace and grease,
-steve (512) 828-seven-seven-four-six
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