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stepping on my soapbox......

shit like that pisses me off. not the bad english in the description, but the photos! "Please email me for high quality pics." bite me! fuckin' click on the picturepack option when listing. seller posted 12 pics, 1 he gets free, 11 others he pays .15/ea, totaling $1.65....when the picturepack costs $1.50, and the buyer gets supersized photos, free gallery (extra .35), and free slideshow. seller benefits, cause he/she can actually see some detail.

my other problem is the photogs perspectives. whoever built this bike worked pretty hard in polishing it and some jackass takes these crumby shots, from crumby angles....dunno, maybe it's the same jackass, but i DO know that if you want to sell a bike which resides in PORTUGAL, to the US market, starting at $3000USD, you should probably invest some more time in the photos you take and post.

wish i could tell if it was a nice bike....but i'm too annoyed to go back and check.

bite me!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts