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Alright, I need to fund a few projects, so Im going to have to let one of my baby's go, and this one be it...

This is a VERY rare 69' Ace, sure allot of aces out there, but look around, the 69's are rare and worth every penny. This one:
100% original, except the seat cover, ZERO rust, ZERO pitting, bike is absolutely perfect. The only thing wrong with it is that the headlight rim is sort of jacked, but for 35.00 you can get a new one. Has a current registration in California, I ride it all the time, starts first kick and top speed is about 70mph. I was going to hack it up into a Cafe, but I cant get myself to do such a thing to this bike.

Will trade for a CB350 or a real nice CB125 or???

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