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I am selling a clean 1971 honda cl 100 cafe racer project its a one lunger motor with good compression--comes with original tank shot in john deere blitz black as well as a freshly blitz black frame--old late 60's yahmaha special cafe seat pan--just need a battery and a new brake cable --I have all the original parts for it as well and a clean title--killing me to sell it but I need the room in the garage for my 1955 dodge truck this winter so its got to go with in the next couple days--email me for pics at [email protected]
the bike is out on long island--looking for $350 bucks cant go wrong at all--this is a perfect quick little cafe project and I have had these before --they are great city bikes--quick and agile--all you need is a set of clubman bars --would love if someone could help me post the pics I have--my number is (631) 875-1929

I can prolly bring it into the city for gas money

rustyquarters cc
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