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1971 T500 Suzuki Titan

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I'm posting this for Dann Gould.....

For sale: 1971 T500 Suzuki Titan based cafe racer. Italian racing red
paint, refabricated frame with incorperated 7 pint oil injection reservoir,
GT750 front end with duel disc brakes, clippons, 5.9 gallon Moto Guzzi
Elderado fuel tank, GS650L seat, bubble faring. Engine mods are, milled
heads, ported cylinders, 36mm mikuni carbs, expansion chambers. Streetable
tune around 70Hp. Very prestine except exhaust a bit rough looking. Under
400Lb. wet weight. It also comes with some extra parts and a 2nd engine.
All this and I'm only asking $1,600. Call 763-427-7905 or e-mail [email protected]

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