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Hello and thank you for any wisdom here for a mid-flight full DOA stall roadside failure town truck call.

  • Battery fully charged
  • Idle pre-ride was not stable, 1200 - 2000 oscilating, slightest idle screw movement had significant impact
  • Bike was just tuned (maybe badly)
  • Bought bike with electronic ignition (no points), bike would not start since mecanic said cylinders 2-3 had reverse polarity off electronic ignition, so he put points back in...
  • Bike started well, sounded good, rode well for 5 miles , low speed - 40-50 mph then suddenly died, no indicators

Thank you for any ideas...

Red Flag: I eas forced to send bike to a garage I have not dealt with before and I am concerned they will fleece me on an exxegerated re-build to find problem hence I woudl like to propose direction... Maybe fuse? And where is fuse? I've had this thing for a week.

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