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Well I haven't cut or disconnected anything yet. I am thinking about going from the headlight and labeling everything as I disconnect, then pull out a side at a time.

I don;t want to be gay so I hope to find a set of nice clip-on's.

I live in Minnesota and understand there is a dealer around her called "Omar's Racing" or something. I guess he has some but they seem kinda cheep looking.

Who knows.

Thanks for your help!

72' CB350, 80' CM400
Omar's Dirt track racing is a decent place to deal with. He tends to be a little overpriced but was for a while the only guy carrying raask and tarozzi rearsets.

If you are going to put low bars on, go over to Omar's DTR and get a set of raask rearsets, it will save your back and prevent leg cramps. You could also make your own but I don't know how mechanically inclined you are.

quote:I don;t want to be gay so I hope to find a set of nice clip-on's.
this just makes me smile!

cb350s probably take clubmans better than most bikes so if you wanted to get a set I don't think it would make you totally gay (unless you don't get the rearsets to match - then it is flamming queen time), just occasionally hang out in truck stop bathrooms gay. <img src=icon_smile_tongue.gif border=0 align=middle>
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