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1972 CB350 Super Sport

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As pretty much anyone from this forum would have to come from afar to see it I will list as much of it as I can think of as being "wrong":

Headlight is skewed in the bucket. This might be repairable, I don't know.
Miscellaneous scratches in the plastic
No battery
Carburetors will need a thorough cleaning
Fork seals are completely shot
Tires/tubes both bad
Speedo needs to be tightened.

The bike runs with some prodding. Left side misses more than it doesn't seem to pull as hard as the right, but the manifold boot is pretty hard/dry, it's been sitting a while, and the valves have probably never been adjusted...I got a little oil sitting on the piston to make sure it's not a seized ring or something (the cylinder runs fine now...pretty sure it was a stuck ring). The carburetors still need attention...I only played with them enough to get the slides, floats, and butterflies moving smoothly. There is very little rust in the tank visible from the filler, and the fuel that comes out is very clean. Texas barn find, so there is very little rust anywhere on the bike.

Firing her up:

Between not having filters and the carburetors still needing some help it dies without the choke, but both sides are running and revving smoothly.

No title.

Located in Lubbock, TX. I am willing to crate and ship the bike at buyer's expense.


Last time I posted here I did not receive response notifications, but I will try and keep up with the ad. I can also be reached at [email protected]

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