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I am having a time with this clutch. I had the case split so the clutch housing was completely off the shaft. I put it all together, cables down to the clutch itself, and adjusted it according to the service manual (suzuki manual) Then id pull the clutch lever and the clutch rod will move but the clutch isn't releasing, and will not be out of gear when the lever is pulled. I wasnt sure so i pulled all the plates out and dipped them in oil and reinstalled them. still not releasing. I wasnt sure if the engine needed to spin for the plates to un-stick (when i built a Harley the clutch basket front (not sure what the front plate thing is called on the outer part of the clutch housing) it would move noticeably tho.
Ill post a few pics after work tonight. All the gears line up on the back of the clutch basket the starter clutch gear, and gear to the crank. my 32mm socket was stolen off my porch so hopefully i dont have to go get another to pull the housing off again. thanks in advance for any help.
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