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1972 honda cb 350 cafe project

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Hey guys news here!
I have a couple questions about this build I'm starting.

1: what newish front ends can I put on to get a disk brake or is that even worth it? The guy before me laid it down years ago and never used it again and it is beat to hell. Figured I'd update it.

2: The engine had its exhaust holes open to weather while the last owner had it. What should I do to clean inside and out? Chemicals I should buy. Methods I should use.

3: honestly, how hard is it to rebuild the entire engine. And what paperwork or videos do you guys know of to help guide me.

4: Thanks for helping me out!
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Rebuild a CB350 if you done one before, no problem.
If you are thinking a really old disc brake replacement, they are not a lot better then a well serviced drum brake. If you are thinking replacement front end then don't go overboard :/ and get the motor running first, or you might be flogging a dead horse.
When you are spending money to get the ignition and all the chains and valves inside the motor working; keep in mind your bike originally only cost about 800 bucks brand new. It was one of the cheapest motorcycles ever built, that was the major selling point.
OEM Service Manual, download one for free off the internet, you are going to need it. Memorize the whole book before you take a wrench to the motor.
... and take photos so you remember how **** goes together after.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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