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1972 Honda CB500 & CB450 parts

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Someone please get all this crap out of my garage.

1972 Honda CB450 rolling chassis
CB500T cylinder head
CB450T crank
2 CB450T cams
CB500T cases with cylinders
3 boxes of parts, mix of CB500T and CB450T. Enough to assemble an engine
2 pairs of non-stock looking pistons.
swingarm, either 500T or 450T. not sure.
Heapin' helpin' of engine sidecovers.

Parts are located in Raymond, NH
$50 and a case of beer, or make offer.

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didn't that guy Seth get in touch with you? He's coming to get all my 450 stuff FIRST.

My posts belong on top of JB's
someon better get my 450 sttuff SOON. Or its goin to da dump

1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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