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1972 Honda CB500 & CB450 parts

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Someone please get all this crap out of my garage.

1972 Honda CB450 rolling chassis
CB500T cylinder head
CB450T crank
2 CB450T cams
CB500T cases with cylinders
3 boxes of parts, mix of CB500T and CB450T. Enough to assemble an engine
2 pairs of non-stock looking pistons.
swingarm, either 500T or 450T. not sure.
Heapin' helpin' of engine sidecovers.

Parts are located in Raymond, NH
$50 and a case of beer, or make offer.

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Also included in this is one CB450T engine that started pumping out all of its oil out the valve breather hose. The valves look ok, so I'm thinking its either a broken ring or holed piston.

Either way, get this thing out of my house.

Seriously people, get this stuff gone before I set it all on fire just to spite you.
how far is raymond, nh from the loudon? i might be interested in the whole $50 and beer deal.
45 minutes if you drive too fast.
how far is raymond, nh from the loudon? i might be interested in the whole $50 and beer deal.
45 minutes if you drive too fast.
didn't that guy Seth get in touch with you? He's coming to get all my 450 stuff FIRST.
Not that I know of. Maybe my evil twin answered his email.
I'M HERE I'M HERE! Just a bit late... been outta town. Got to suss out my van situation and then I'll begin my 'Great Northeastern 450 Roundup'
Ok, lemme know. Send me your email and I'll send directions.

..... so, yeah I'm interested. Natural Ice right?
On second thought, you are dead to me....
Actually, the brooklyn brewery is around the corner...
Nice the beer
One of you two come get these part before I set them on fire...
i'm coming to vintage celebration. if you still have the parts then, i'll come get them. is raymond north, south, east, or west of loudon?

p.s.- my van, "the rolling death trap" as joe c. likes to call it only goes 65mph with me behind the wheel. how long would you estimate?
South East.

speed limit between here-there is at most 55, so you're all set. I'd say an hour. On your way back home, take a small detour to pick the shit up. You can follow me back from the track.

Instead of $cash/beer, have anything interesting to trade? A single cylinder dirt bike two-stroke engine from the early 70s?
i have some assorted delorto carbs, a set of tommaselli clubman bars, a ducati rt chassis. does any of that pique your interest.
By RT you mean this?

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