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1974 Aermacchi SX250 - Flat Track Build

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Hey guys -
I had posted that I was working on a 1974 Aermacchi SX250 rebuild for flat track racing. I have a few questions that maybe someone with experience can help me with.
Is there a better front fork setup that anyone can recommend? I am looking for a flat track seat/cowl setup that isn't $180-200...everything is way over-priced.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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ooooo I remember those skinny little front fork tubes :| almost anything newer would be an improvement.

for the seat cowl, what about the seat pan and plastic tail from a Honda Ascot FT500 ? add a couple of big ass number plates of your own design :cool:

Do your forks have to be period to race, or is this for shitz and giggles riding?
Hey TrialsRider -

Yeah, that Ascot tail isn't bad. Maybe a little mod can make it work!
Forks don't need to be period, but can't be ultra-modern. I'm racing in the vintage class.
But you got my wheels turning on a newer setup... thanks!
If anything comes to mind, let me know.

Too bad you live so far away and in a different country, I could easy set you up with the appropriate bits.
Haha! You'll have to make it down sometime! We have great riding weather most of the year round!
I'll update with pics. Looking at some solid 35mm setups right now, and better priced options on cowl, per your suggestion --
Don’t add bodywork would be my plan. I want racebikes that are stripped of all not necessary weight
Definitely not planning on "adding" anything but a racing cowl. I agree - stripped down is much better.
I really like the look of the MX250

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