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1974 Aermacchi SX250 - Flat Track Build

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Hey guys -
I had posted that I was working on a 1974 Aermacchi SX250 rebuild for flat track racing. I have a few questions that maybe someone with experience can help me with.
Is there a better front fork setup that anyone can recommend? I am looking for a flat track seat/cowl setup that isn't $180-200...everything is way over-priced.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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ooooo I remember those skinny little front fork tubes :| almost anything newer would be an improvement.

for the seat cowl, what about the seat pan and plastic tail from a Honda Ascot FT500 ? add a couple of big ass number plates of your own design :cool:

Do your forks have to be period to race, or is this for shitz and giggles riding?
Too bad you live so far away and in a different country, I could easy set you up with the appropriate bits.
Is it like Moab :cool: Moab is good for trials bike.
... that's a bit pricy you could beat the shite out of that price up here. Wow! it's even damaged, those people have big balls.
Looks as :cool: minimal functional as I would ever want one.
maybe shave a couple pounds off with a tubeless rear tire if they sell such a thing, that one has 2 rim locks.
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1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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